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Are you struggling to source bras for your store that meet the latest trends, provide exceptional support, and fit a variety of sizes? Frustrated that many custom bra manufacturers have high minimums requiring bulk orders? or just looking for a partner who can help you refine your collection while maintaining competitive pricing and lead times? As an industry leader for over 15 years, we understand the unique challenges of the intimate bra apparel market. Our global sourcing and design expertise means we can create customized bras for you starting at lots of just 30 pieces. That allows room to test ideas, gather customer input and refine your assortment efficiently. You will benefit from our ethical supply chain and competitive rates crafted for sustainable growth. Most importantly, every bra is made to the highest comfort standards using premium quality fabrics. Contact our bra maker experts today and let’s work together to develop on-trend collections that satisfy the needs of your customers completely.

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Explore The Extensive Services We Provide For Intimate Brassiere Manufacturers

Private Label Bra Manufacturers

As private-label bra designers and manufacturers, we work closely with you to create exclusive bra brands that match your store’s identity and customer demographic. Our product development team will partner with you every step of the way from concept to production. As a blouse cups manufacturer, we ensure strict privacy for your labels and helps you launch a curated collection that differentiates you from the competitors. With low minimums starting from just 30 pieces in our bra making factory.

Custom Bra Manufacturers

Whether you need smaller production runs tailored to specific customer segments or full coverage sleepwear bras for nursing mothers, our skilled artisans can create fully customized bra designs.

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Bra Maufactured by GYm wear

Bra Wholesale Suppliers

For lingerie retailers looking to stock their shelves with bestselling bralettes, sports bras or everyday t-shirt bras, we are one of the largest sports bra wholesale suppliers and manufacturers. We offer a wide assortment of basic to elegant bra styles in varied fabrics, colors and sizes designed to appeal to all body types. Our state-of-the-art bra factories and bra manufacturing firms can produce bulk bra orders of over 1000 pieces with guaranteed high quality, short lead times and cost savings from volume discounts. 

OEM Bra Manufacturers

As a reliable OEM ladies bra manufacturer, we offer original bra design development,  its complete production and supply chain management services to established lingerie labels.

How We Make Your Bespoke Bras Our Bra Manufacturing Process

Unmatched Quality Standard of Gym wear Manufacturing

Concept Design And Development

Our design studios work closely with you to understand brand visions, target markets and aesthetic preferences. Concepts are sketched, rendered in 2D & 3D formats and prototypes made for fit tests and client feedback before finalizing styles. Fabric swatches, stretch evaluations and technical specifications help visualize the final product.

Fabric Sourcing And Quality Control

Only premium textiles meeting best quality norms are used. Fabrics are verified for appearance, mechanical properties, shrinkage tendencies, wash durability through standardized labs. Superior cottons, laces, modal and customized blends are sourced globally and warehoused.

Material Sourcing of Gym Wear Manufacturing
Pattern Making And Grading

Pattern Making And Grading

CAD pattern engineers use anthropometric data to grade commercial bra patterns for accurate fits across bra cup and back sizes. Prototypes help validate sizing and support levels. Patterns are detailed for pieces, cuts, sewing and materials usage.

Cutting And Components Manufacturing

Industrial cutters precisely notch fabric layers per nested patterns with minimum waste. Elastic strips, hardware and trimmings are attached on components lines. Our leathers, lace makers and glovers craft specialized embellishments.

Prototype Development of Gym Wear Manufacturing
Pre Production Samples of Gym Wear Manufacturing

Sewing And Assembly

Our bra assembly specialists exactly stitch pieces as per technical packs on high speed, computerized sewing lines. Quality officers monitor seam allowances, tensions and finished forms at all stage gates.

Finishing & Packing

Bras undergo final pressing, packaging, labeling, quality checks and bundling as per order specifications. Cartonization, palletization and protective wrapping readies shipments for scheduled deliveries. Comprehensive documentation accompanies each order.

Bulk Finishing & Packging of Gym Wear Manufacturing

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What Fabrics We Use In Our Bra Manufacturing And Their Special Features

Soft Cotton


Soft, breathable cotton is often used for lightly lined t-shirt bras and nursing bras. It absorbs moisture well to keep you feeling dry . Various blends incorporate spandex for gentle stretch.
Lycra Elastane Manufactured by Gym Wear

Lycra / Elastane

The addition of Lycra/elastane allows fabrics to stretch up to 500% without losing shape. This makes seamed bras and multiway styles exceptionally flexible and comfortable for varied activities.
nylon spandex

Nylon / Polyamide

Nylon or polyamide are typically used for underwires, nylon provides resilience and helps retain shape wash after wash. It adds firm yet flexible support where needed without discomfort.
Soft Cotton

Cotton Elastane

Breathable cotton elastane drapes beautifully for all-day wear. Elastane lends comfortable stretch in all directions without binding. Its cotton softness feels great against skin while wicking sweat away. Wrinkle-resistant for easy pack and travel between training sessions.
Polyester Blends

Polyester Spandex

This ultra-stretchy blend hugs curves in all the right ways. Polyester dries like lightning while spandex delivers full range of motion. UPF 50+ fabric blocks sun, and its sweat-wicking powers keep you dry. Washable fabric stands up to frequent training with no sagging.

Silk / Satin

Luxurious silks and satins glide smoothly against the skin. Rich hues flatter different complexions while textures feel ultra-fine. Typically incorporated in homeware lines.
Polyster Interlock

Polyester Interlock

Slip into buttery-soft poly interlock designed for cross-training. Four-way stretch accommodates any workout while retaining shape. Its mesh-like structure maximizes breathability to prevent overheating. Wrinkle-proof for easy packing and lasting color without fading.

Polyester Microfiber

Ultra-light and silky microfiber moves unrestricted with your body. Four-way stretch allows bending and twisting through any flow. Sweat-wicking fabric dries swiftly to banish odors between sessions. Its quick-dry nature means no sitting around waiting for clothes to dry.

Why Choose Us As Your
Ideal Bra Manufacturers

Unmatched Quality Standard of Gym wear Manufacturing

Unmatched Quality Standards

We have stringent processes to ensure exceptional quality at every stage, from fabric evaluation and prototyping to final inspections. State-of-the-art facilities and trained artisans allow us to craft bras to the highest comfort and support standards. Customers are assured of premium quality regardless of order size.


Unlike most manufacturers with high MOQs, we accept small trial orders starting as low as 30 pieces. This gives retailers the flexibility to test styles and gather early consumer feedback before scaling up production. It minimizes inventory risks and encourages data-driven decision making.

Low Moq
Pre Production Samples of Gym Wear Manufacturing

Fast Turnaround Times

With vertically integrated operations, we eliminate wasteful intermediaries and deliver completed bulk or customized orders within industry-best timelines. Retailers benefit from quick replenishment cycles and timely product launches to stay ahead of the competition.

Customization Support

Our expert designers work closely with clients to bring even the most unique bra concepts to life. Through sampling and prototyping, we co-create made-to-order collections aligned perfectly with every brand’s vision.

Prototype Development of Gym Wear Manufacturing

Ethical & Sustainable Practices

We adopt the highest social and environmental standards through initiatives like fair wages, skilled local employment, and the use of organic/recycled materials. This earns client trust while supporting community development.

Competitive Pricing

With economies of scale and efficient systems, we pass on significant cost savings via competitive rates and volume-based discounts. Retailers maximize margins and competitive pricing power in their respective markets.

Sustainability Leadership

Client's Testimonials

I was impressed with how smoothly the custom bra production went. The designer worked closely with me at every step and the finished product surpassed my expectations.

Moira Pena
Moira Pena From Melbourne, Australia

I placed a bulk order for the first time and was glad to see reasonable pricing without any hidden costs. Definitely a sports bra supplier factory I can trust for the long run.

Joy Wood
Joy Wood From Fez, Morocco

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Megan Abbott
Megan Abbott From Luanda, Angola


What are your minimum order quantities?

Our minimum order quantities start as low as 30 pieces so retailers can test styles with low inventory risk before bulk orders. This allows for flexibility.

How long are your production timelines?

For standard bra styles, production time is 4-6 weeks from design finalization. Customized orders may take 6-8 weeks depending on complexity. We prioritize timely deliveries.

What fabric and color options do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of fabric types like Cotton Elastane, Polyester Spandex, Polyester Interlock, etc, and can produce over 100 colors. We also develop customized fabric blends as per requirements.

Can you private label manufacture for my brand?

Yes, we offer full private labeling services right from design to production and packaging as per your brand guidelines to help launch your own lingerie line.
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